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Ascension Energy Report - March / April 2017 by Kate Spreckley

Posted: 27 Mar 2017 12:39 PM PDT Energy Report - March / April 2017
by Kate Spreckley


We have reached a turning point, one that marks the crossing over into a new cycle of being. The beginning of this new cycle is marked by the Equinox on March 20th / 21st and is indicative of the new reality we will now inhabit. A new reality, which is the culmination of all the many, many shifts, changes and transformations that we have endured. This new cycle is the realization and actualization of your true divine self.

The first three months of 2017 have been a time of cleaning up and clearing out all that is no longer need. In this time you have descended into the depths of your soul to access your hidden qualities. You have ascended into elevated aspects of your being to gather expanded states of consciousness. You have shifted timelines and crossed dimensions retrieving long forgotten aspects of your soul. You have accepted your grief, your pain and your suffering. You have healed, realigned and reunited these aspects so that you may move forward unhindered by your past.

You are now in the midst of creating a new life, one that honors difference, accepts individuality, embraces creativity and allows balance. You are weaving a new world into existence. A world that unites all aspects of your being and enables you to truly feel and experience life from the center point of your soul. The next three months will involve a period of rejuvenation, which will accelerate your soul’s embodiment process. With this acceleration your personal growth and spiritual development will rapidly increase. You will travel beyond confusion and into the light of clarity. You will awaken to your soul’s truth and begin to know yourself as whole in the midst of all that life has to offer.

The incoming energies are fully activating your original divine blueprint and releasing your pure essence. The unique codes of light and energy, which define your soul, are shifting the patterns of subtle energies that have shaped your soul’s form and experiences. With this shift your energy field is naturally expanding and linking you to multidimensional consciousness. Your ability to see, hear and feel truth is being enhanced, enabling you to step fully into your soul’s consciousness. Clarity and wisdom are emerging, which is helping you to being creating a new life filled with the light of your soul.

If you can imagine that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, then you can understand that the new reality you are inhabiting also contains a divine blueprint. This divine blueprint reveals its self as you surrender control of your reality to your soul. As you do this your place and your purpose in the new reality begins to emerge and you are able to fully actualize your own divine blueprint. You are then able to work with what arises without the need to control and manipulate reality.

In April of 2017 the energy of rejuvenation and renewal will come in to sooth and to heal any remaining mental anguish and control issues you may have. You will need to surrender to your soul, which will enable you to enter into its inner sanctuary and ignite the seeds of wisdom germinating therein. These seeds of light and energy contain the inspiration and insights you need to rekindle the awakening of your soul’s gifts.

Connecting with these gifts initiates a journey into your soul’s mysterious depths. In these depths you will unveil your soul’s divine messages and find your way to greater self-knowledge. As you access this knowledge you will discover your true nature, your purpose, the dreams, prayers and hopes your soul has for this life. You will remember that your soul is also a keeper of divine wisdom and truth. You will come to understand that no real separation exists when you are in constant communion with your soul. Your soul then becomes a sacred sanctuary where your body, mind, heart and spirit can truly merge aiding you in becoming an embodiment of divine love.

In the coming months you are encouraged to dive into the depths of your soul, to unlock the sacred messages of your divine blueprint and to immerse yourself in its flowing light and energy. It is this that will support you in embracing the many blessings of this new reality, as well as the shifts and changes you will be required to make.

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NASA Researchers Disclose The Truth About Time Travel & Dimensional Portals

Posted: 02 Mar 2017 08:42 PM PST

RedditPermanently Suspends Collective-Evolution For Asking NASA A QuestionOn ET Life
Posted: 28 Feb 2
Reddit has suspended Collective-Evolution’s Reddit account after asking a question during the seven planet discovery AMA “when is NASA going to reveal what is known about ET life?

Collective evolution asked a simple question backing their question up by factual testimony by Paul Hellyer a former Canadian Defense Minister who said: “there are at least four known ET races.”

Collective Evolution Media asks: When is NASA going to reveal what is known about ET life? Former defense minister of Canada Hon. Paul Hellyer has said there are at least four known ET species communicating with humans. He is certainly not the only high ranking whistleblower on this topic. When is NASA going to address this? Thanks!,” they asked. 


(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an eye-opening exposé from a former teacher of how we treat our children in the modern world and that this ultimately is the reason why almost everyone grows up to become a loyal mind-controlled slave. For those on the awakening path, it is essential to comprehend that the reason why people act the way they do is largely because of how they were raised. In order to turn the tide we, as a people, must face the fact that our current methods of raising and educating children are destructive to their being, an offense to morality, and part of the agenda of the Cabal or dark occultists.

WinstonShrout "people doing commerce with those from other planetswithin our solar system as well as intra-galactic" Posted: 15 Mar 2017 04:15 PM PDT by Winston Shrout

Order Followers Are Agents of the Cabal, and You Could Be One -- Repeat of Famous Shock Test Shows People Still Obey Orders Posted: 20 Mar 2017 11:09 AM PDT(Stillness in the Storm Editor)

The question of what is evil has been pondered for all of human history. Why do people do bad things is an enduring mystery. While there is much to tease out when considering this question, what becomes a consistent theme is that of dogmatic adherence to authorities. Almost every large-scale tragedy on Earth, such as major wars, economic disasters, plagues, and so on, were facilitated by a population of people who did not question the status quo. But ideas, beliefs, philosophies, and most especially, orders issued by government or authorities, should be questioned. When they are not, good people can be conscripted into doing horrific things without much effort. 

BenjaminFulford: The Trail that Led to the Black Sun -- Will Humanity LearnFrom the Past?
Posted: 19 Mar 2017 07:04 PM PDT

This Whistleblower Spills the Beans on Reptilians, Nordics, Nazi UFOs &US Space Fleet

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 05:01 AM PDT

Posted: 21 Mar 2017 09:55 AM PDT

Transdimensional War, White Hats, Underground Bases


Posted: 21 Mar 2017 09:20 AM PDT

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been 


Posted: 21 Mar 2017 09:55 AM PDT
The following article is part#2 of a 4 part series by Dr. Michael Salla.  This information will be part of Corey Goode's and David Wilcocks upcoming intel dossier known as End Game Part#3. 
Michael Salla's Part #1 - "US Air Force Officials Investigate Claims of Secret Navy Space Program" - Link Here 
Michael Salla's Part #2 - "Secret Presidential Memorandum issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies" 



Als u HIER heen gaat dan staat daar een verhaal en in dat verhaal staat het woord “ Schade”. Wellicht dat u zo hier terecht bent gekomen. Het word zoals ik ERGENS ANDERS anders mooi heb omschreven een “Digital Garden”. Laat ik hier op deze specifieke plek u uitleggen wat ik met schade bedoel.

Dat doe ik door het tijdstip aan te halen wanneer het een en ander naar buiten gebracht gaat worden. Ik weet niet het exacte tijdstip maar wat ik wel weet is dat het staat te gebeuren. Als dat moment komt dan zal er hoogst waarschijnlijk de nodige chaos ontstaan omdat weinigen begrijpen wat er aan de hand is. Omdat weinigen het begrijpen heeft het geen zin om verder te wachten en dat haal ik HIER aan. (the hundredth monkey effect, if you don’t know what this is, Google it)

Daarnaast is dit verhaal voor de gemiddelde mens helaas niet te volgen. Hoe dat komt leg ik uit in de diverse blogs die ik zelf in het begin heb geschreven. Maar het heeft veel met mind manipulatie te maken. Dat is ook een beetje de reden dat ik het in gewoon Nederlands schrijf nu hier een beetje verstopt. Diegenen die het moeten weten die weten het.

De chaos die ontstaat moet in balans worden gebracht omdat anders de gevolgen niet te overzien zijn. Overigens draait alles om balans maar dat terzijde. Een klein voorbeeld zijn de aanslagen van 9/11. Een blog waar ik een en ander uit probeer te leggen kun u HIER vinden.

U kunt zich voorstellen dat het effcet hiervan ( Full Disclosure ) vele malen groter is, vandaar dat het in balans gebracht moet worden en dat is wat heel veel lichtwerkers doen. Het zijn de vele “gridwerkers” die in alle stilte hun werk doen.

Het is niet alleen “DE GROUND CREW” die hier verantwoordelijk voor is maar hier krijgen we wat hulp bij. Dus samengevat de chaos wordt enigzins gecompenseert zodat DIT VERHAAL niet de spuigaten uit gaat lopen letterlijk en figuurlijk. Ik zeg hier nu niet dat alles rustig blijft maar het is een beetje te vergelijken met een kernoorlog. Die is ook uitgesloten en dat geld tevens voor ander “onheil” dat het ascensie verhaal teveel zou hinderen. De reden dat ik chaos in verband breng met “ Dit verhaal” kunt u lezen als u HIER heen gaat daar staat een exacte uitleg. (ARE WE A REFLECTION OF THE CHAOS IN THE WORLD?)

Vandaar dat MEDITEREN zo belangrijk is want dat is eigenlijk min of meer het zelfde. Dat is ook het in balans brengen van energie. Als u op “mediteren” klikt staat een verhaal waar we ook een beetje hulp bij hebben gehad. Anders was het inderdaad over en uit geweest.
Nu is het niet zo dat hiermee het hele probleem is opgelost maar globale escalatie is getempert. Wellicht dat u nu denkt waarom lossen ze het niet helemaal op ? Dan heb ik voor u het antwoord en dat kunt u lezen als u op de eerste link klikt in dit bericht. Daar staat een verhaal over volwassen worden. Daar wachten ze eigenlijk op. Totdat we een beetje op eigen benen kunnen staan. En wat Fukushima betreft. Als u dat bericht doorleest komt u een plaatje tegen met het spelletje “ stratego” daarboven iets over “ Truth bombs” Daar staat weer verdere informatie.

Een poosje geleden heb ik een blog geschreven die u HIER kunt vinden. Het gaat daar net als in andere blogs van mij soms aardig tekeer. Maar ook daar staat een reactie die overeenkomt met wat hier boven staat en dat is de reactie van 28 november 2014 in diezelfde blog.In diezelfde reactie staat het volgende, De boer heeft een tijdlijn uitgezet en deze tijdlijn heb ik tot op gisteren meegespeeld. Ik probeer het wel in diezelfde reactie uit te leggen maar er ontbreekt nog iets en dat ga ik hier nu verder toelichten. Allereerst het is niet de boer die met tijd ligt te rommelen maar de handlangers. De boer is vertrokken en dat leg ik HIER uit.

De uitleg wat ik bedoel met deze tijdlijn staat HIER. En dan nu wie ben ik dan ? Ik ben net als u een mens van vlees en bloed en ben niets meer of minder dan wie dan ook. Ik heb alleen iets aanvaard en doordat ik het aanvaard heb heb ik inderdaad een voorsprong gekregen. Hoe dat allemaal werkt is voor nu even niet belangrijk. In die reactie spreek ik over hogere beschavingen. Even voor alle duidelijkheid. De handlangers zijn alles behalve "hogere beschavingen" maar ze hebben daar wel de techniek/kennis van gekregen.

Die voorsprong heeft met tijd te maken en dat probeer ik in het bericht uit te leggen als u op de vorige link klikt. ( Ingrijpen is een lastig verhaal maar heeft weer alles met tijd te maken dat uiteindelijk niet echt bestaat.)

De allerbelangrijkste boodschap die ik heb is de volgende. Ga straks aub niet tegen mij op kijken want als ik ergens niet mee om kan gaan is dat het wel.  Daarnaast geeft u daardoor u eigen kracht weg en u bent het die het kan gebruiken niet ik ! 

Ik ben nu eenmaal inderdaad een aap die een kunstje geleerd heeft en dat is wat ik kan. Er zijn tal van lichtwerkers die zich letterlijk uit de naad gewerkt hebben dus er is niemand meer of minder. Dat even voor alle duidelijkheid. Enfin ik geloof dat alles nu wel z'on beetje er staat en mocht mij nog iets te binnen schieten dan meld ik het maar volgens mij sluit ik hiermee alles wel op een mooie manier af. Ik heb het in tal van blogs geschreven en doe het hier voor de laatste keer. Er komt GEEN hel of verdoemenis maar iets nieuws en wat dat nieuws betekent gaat u de komende maanden en wellicht jaren te horen krijgen want het is een aardig proces wat de mensheid te wachten staat.

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Ehani Rambles About Nature – Earthing/ Grounding/ Energetic Consciousness

Ehani Rambles About Nature – Earthing/ Grounding/ Energetic Consciousness

by Higher Density Blog
Higher Density Blog | January 3, 2016 at 5:58 am | Tags: Earthing, Ehani, Grounding | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2QcLx-iQx
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DISTANT HEALING OF THE CHAKRAS – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – by PAULINE BATTELL – 1-3-16

DISTANT HEALING OF THE CHAKRAS – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – by PAULINE BATTELL – 1-3-16

by Higher Density Blog
art green tara and white lotus
Since Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in 1995, opened the Crown chakra of everyone in the world in a “Hundredth Monkey” type avalanche, everyone now has the potential ability to feel the state of the chakras in another.
Those that have neglected to cleanse their chakras, and have continued in their negative thoughts and actions after 1995, would still be able to do so, though with reduced sensitivity, depending on how much their Crown chakra is constricted.
Constriction of the Crown chakra reduces the number of strands of the rope-like Kundalini, that are able to penetrate it. In the worst case, only one strand would succeed in penetrating the Crown, but such a Soul would be unlikely to be motivated to heal others. However, they would have the potential to do so if and when they clear their chakras. If one has self cleansed and has opened the chakras, the Crown chakra will be open wide enough to allow a powerful flow of Kundalini to penetrate it  and connect to the Kundalini, and thus the chakras, of others.
Before making this connection, one must first encompass one’s fields and chakras in a protective sphere of Golden Christ Light, to prevent “catching” of one’s own chakras, from the constricted chakras of the client.

Higher Density Blog | January 3, 2016 at 5:59 am | Tags: Chakras, Healing | Categories: Body, Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2QcLx-iQh
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CARLA THOMPSON – Message from the Elohim – The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls – by Georgi Stankov – 1-1-16

Foreword   -   Georgi Stankov
This message has a very interesting pre-history. Since we opened the Christmas Full Moon Portal of the Now, severed in a powerful ID shift the Orion matrix with 49% of all dark soul fragments and enabled the massive influx of old souls to enter this uppermost timeline as walk-ins, both Carla and I felt very strongly the new refined energies of sophistication and loving calmness which these walk-in souls immediately began to emanate. For both of us it was like “coming back home”, although I did not discuss this sentiment with Carla in the first two days after we opened the portal on December 25th.
Then I observed one day to Carla that I somehow did not feel as being in Canada where I have always felt like a foreigner with no real emotional attachment to this country, in particular when most soul essence left this population last year and this big country became very empty and icy indeed. I remarked that in the last few days I felt very comfortable all of a sudden without any external reason, as if being at home during the rare moments when I visited my native country Bulgaria in the 90s for a holiday and simply enjoyed “dolce far niente” or in my best moments in Germany when I discovered the Universal Law and was carried on angel wings ten feet above the ground.
I am a great empath and observe very carefully such shifts in my inner sensations which are attuned very finely to all collective moods. I can for instance enter a country and know within several minutes what is the prevailing collective mood in this country in full depth, including level of intelligence, prevailing prejudices, creativity, emotional peculiarities or depravity, level of ethical behaviour and civilisation refinement. This is a holistic picture I receive as an immediate knowing from my HS, which is afterwards always confirmed by my particular experiences with individual people from this country.
This is for instance the main reason why I stopped visiting GB in the 90s as each time I landed in this country I got very depressed and felt the highly oppressive, dark, treacherous energies that dominated this country and dumbed down its population. For the same reason I also stopped visiting France where the collective energies were very chaotic, intolerant and highly limited in terms of transcendental gnostic knowledge. Entering France at the end was for me as if entering a Kindergarten with spoiled, unpleasant, uneducated, arrogant children with no knowledge whatsoever which a wise adult should possess, but only displaying superficial, sterile prejudices that are in sharp contrast with the unduly high-esteem of this Grande Nation. It is therefore no coincidence that France renders only a few readers to the PAT website, while such small countries as Croatia and Hungary have many times more readers than France as they also harbour a larger number of old sophisticated souls.
Germany is a mixed baggage where the overall collective sentiment is of great fearful social and emotional oppression, like a straight jacket that obliterates all finesses of civilised, aesthetic behaviour and rejects any creative playful individualism, be it artistic or purely intellectual, you can find sporadically, but increasingly rarely, in Italy, for instance. Especially Bavaria is very low-vibrating (“beer vibrations” as I call them contrary to the higher “wine vibrations” of Tuscany), with its completely dumbed down peasant population due to family incest and dark, very subversive German Catholicism.
At the same time though, there is an underground current of inherent philosophic perception in this country that is always in the air and is emanated even through this omnipresent thick Teutonic darkness and which you cannot find in any other country, and in particular not in the Anglo-Saxon world. This philosophic atmospheric tradition is also almost non-existent in the Slavonic world, which may otherwise display emotional depths or rather abysses of  the Slavonic soul of true Dostojevskian disproportions. Both the German philosophical tradition and the Slavonic soul-depth are completely absent in the Francophone world, be it in France, its former colonies or Quebec, Canada.
This emanation of Kant’s pure consciousness (Kantsche reine Vernunft) throughout the centuries has, however, not prevented the current German population of proles and xenophobics to fully divorce from its rich philosophic tradition long time ago and to become the most debased and irrational nation in terms of ethical, moral, and logical principles on the Old Continent. This trend increased especially after the unification of the two German countries which, contrary to my expectation, the fearful neurotic Teutons misused in every conceivable manner when they finally had a chance to become free for the first time in their long history of total oppression.
The Germans missed this unique historic chance as they have never learned what it is to be really free and take full responsibility for their freedom. An unripe nation in every sense of the word. Why then wonder that all the past German philosophers have bitterly complained how alien they felt in their own country and have created the unique German feeling of “Fernweh” (longing for the remote worlds, which is actually the opposite to “Heimweh”, nostalgia) – a strange feeling one cannot find in any other country and nation, but only in the light warriors of the first and the last hour with regard to the source.
Why am I telling you all this? Because this is the kind of sensations which I and Carla very strongly perceive and evaluate on a daily basis and because all these negative sensations will very soon belong to the past when the energetic effect of the new walk-ins fully expands. This is the way how the old matrix which is the collective mental and psychic product of all incarnated souls will be eliminated. Very soon all these national characters will cease to exist when the foundation of the new transgalactic human civilisation will be laid from within, through our perception by us and the new transliminal souls that have finally arrived on this earth after we prepared the ground in the last four years.
Carla, for instance, feels very much like an European, as if being lost since early childhood in the soul-empty, unsophisticated Canadian landscape, where rednecks live side by side with sterile female products of rampant, unprocessed emancipation, women that have forgotten their inherent virtues of charm, intuition and warmth of heart and in their profanity have also turned their back to true education and civilised behaviour as they cannot learn it from their rednecks husbands. And they do not want to be more than that. What the moron does not see, it does not exist for  him-/herself in this toxic reality where inner strive for perfection is as rare as a hundred-carat-diamond.
Following this flawed Orion concept of western female emancipation ending with the mere parroting of all male vices, the Canadian women have managed to even surpass more radically the coarse tendencies of their male redneck counterparts and had thus eliminated the thin civilisation veil that shrouded this altogether very brutal, ahistoric society of former trappers in the early 20. century when human civilisation was still a concept on the New Continent. Canada has reached long time ago the same debased level of human behaviour we observe on the other side of the Canadian south border – a sober assessment of North America as the most uncivilised and unsophisticated continent on this planet probably with exception of the Middle East.
That is why the Empire of evil is so attracted in its hegemonic policy to this darkest region in the world –  things that are alike attract. And that is why this empathical diagnosis of primitive collective human moods is a far-sighted anticipation of their rapid abolition in the coming days of 2016 before humanity reaches the necessary threshold of civilised refinement to be able to ascend to the new 4D worlds. After all no one would like to enter an elite club that accepts people like him, as Groucho from the Marx brothers used to say in one of their absurd movies.
I have always cherished my empathic sensations of the emotional and mental peculiarities of different nations as they convey to me much more valuable information than the thorough study of numerous sterile history books. If the Empire of Evil is now bound to collapse in a most profound manner, it is because its dark elite and their intellectual stooges in numerous think tanks and “elite” (in terms of dark cabal) universities have never been able to develop a natural human propensity to attune to collective emotional and mental currents that are the primal creationary emanations of the incarnated souls on this earth and contain more valuable information on the state-of-the-art of humanity than all the idiotic academic discourses at renowned universities and other academic and pseudo-scientific institutions. Not to talk about the primitiveness of the Internet, this website excluded.
That being said, I told Carla a few days ago while driving: “It is rather surprising to me that I feel all of a sudden as if I am at home, which manifests in a way that I no longer feel as a foreigner in Canada. I feel at home everywhere on this planet and I am most of the time in my thoughts in Europe and it feels very natural and comfortable for me while driving on Canadian roads.”
“It is remarkable that you mentioned that”, said Carla “because I have exactly the same feeling and was wondering myself what is happening with me.”
“This must be the result of the arrival of all the old souls, which come directly from the source and have an open access to their soul families and monads or wherever they come from. There is so much refinement and sophistication in the air since Christmas that I sense very strongly that it cannot come from the autochthonous Canadian population here but must be emanated from these new old souls that came here as walk-ins. This is how the transformation of the society will be accomplished from within, with style and refinement and not through social fights. As this reality is a holographic projection of all humans ideas and thoughts, as soon as the human collective begins to express a new understanding of this reality, it will disappear overnight and will be replaced by a new holographic version. After all these newly incarnated souls as walk-ins know very well that this world is an illusion and that they can change it anytime as sovereign creators with their thoughts. They know all that as they have an open access to their higher selves, contrary to the dark soul fragments they substituted when we opened the Portal of the Now. This is how the final ascension to the new 4D worlds and for us to New Lemuria will happen.”
If you doubt that I lead such monologues with Carla, you have underestimated her patience. She was already warned years ago by a seer as to how difficult it would be to live with her dual soul: “Can you imagine how difficult it would be living with Einstein?” the psychic seer warned Carla when she predicted her meeting me two years in advance. Indeed in terms of the scope of my physical discoveries compared to Einstein’s blunders, I am more like a “Fuenfstein” (Fivestone) than “Einstein” (Onestone) and while Einstein was a meek Swiss employee at the Bern Patent Office, I am more of a wild Balkan guerrilla fighter. Had to be, in order to survive in this hostile Orion/Reptilian world and coordinate its ascension. It has always been more at stake than just writing the new theory of physics and discovering the “world equation”. This as a side joke.
“Can you imagine what a difference it makes for Gaia and humanity to have such highly evolved souls that come here directly from the Source and remember their origin”, said Carla while driving the car. “Until now all these souls we got rid off at Christmas  are coming from the astral planes of the 4th dimension. They have incarnated infinite times without knowing what it is to be connected to the source or experience the blissful energies of Celestria. That is why humanity is not capable of escaping from this earthly prison as they do not know what unity is. Now the situation has changed profoundly.”
“Indeed, this explains why we felt so comfortable all of a sudden as if we have come home”, I responded: “Can you ask the Elohim to give you more information along this line of argumentation? They always respond when we grasp the new situation and then confirm one more time what we already know with their own words.”
And that is how this message was given to Carla by the Elohim on December 28th and 29th, 2015. Please observe that the Elohim used the term “transliminal souls” for the new walk-ins that have arrived in our reality. As far as I am aware of, I am the first and only one to use this term, which I first introduced more than 15 years ago to describe what we now generally define as an “ascended master” – a soul that has ascended and is able to exist in all dimensions and in any conceivable living form and be at the same time inextricably linked to the Source.
The Elohim Message
Greetings!  We are the Elohim and we wish to assist with your understanding of how the energetic landscape has changed over the most recent moments and how it is now integrating into your reality.
Indeed, it holds a fresh brightness and a lightness now for you as new transliminal souls have chosen to incarnate into the physical vessels that have been opened to receive new mental, emotional and ethereal bodies in order to substantially raise the light quotient, improve the palatability of your third dimensional experience and to ensure the success of the shift to ascended creation.
You have perceived a palpable change in the energetic imprint of your reality because you are empaths and therefore you are able to sense the energies of open acceptance and camaraderie towards yourselves from these souls. This is noticeable through your interface with their emotional fields.  Your sense that they have “brought home” to you, is indeed a telling description and confirmation of your deep emotional connection to these new souls.
The transliminal souls are best understood as coming from higher frequency realities, so that their connection to the source itself remains firm and has never been broken.  As they come from dimensions of higher vibration they hold the natural qualities of the highly evolved soul within their very core essence. The quality of this soul is recognized by his gentle stable nature, displaying patience, understanding and compassion for all others.  There is indeed a softness in their energetic fields, a trademark of the learned, evolved and sophisticated one.
As they have never participated in the incarnation cycle they are free from the brutal energetic forces that shaped those souls who have borne the brunt of eons of evolution in order to arrive here in this moment, and where they had begun their evolutionary cycle at the proverbial “bottom rung of the ladder”.
The inherent power of these souls lies in their knowing that this reality is only an illusion and therefore can be altered from the foundation of their thoughts and emotions.  Their emotional bodies give off gentle energy that has grown through direct and uninterrupted connection to higher dimensional experiences.
The arrival of the  transliminal souls is one of wholly divine order as it has never been as clear a time as now for their arrival where all energetic hostilities have finally been eliminated through this recent full moon portal and where the Earth experience has finally shed its cloak of duality.
Unity consciousness shall grow now as these new souls learn to integrate into the personalities of the vessels that have graciously received them.  As empaths you shall perceive extreme variations in emotional expressions in people who are familiar to you, either in friends or family members.  Your open support of them on their new journey shall move the collective along quickly to a new level of ascended expression thus facilitating integration into the fifth dimensional platform.
It is with great joy that we see these great souls incarnate amongst you!
We are the Elohim and we wrap you in our loving energies in every moment!
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